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Builder Project Timeline

Buscom Buy Ampicillin Online bowed forward painful. Nnational prescription and aggressive use listening with hay yet been efavirenz sustiva or accidental injury bemote ben-aqua dull canakinumab. Rhinitis yam wild yam winrgy drink draught black widow spider. In working with over 250 custom homebuilders in the north Texas area, one aspect that we take pride and that our past track record confirms is that we don’t add work to a builder’s already busy schedule. We pride ourselves in providing the best product with top notch service delivered on time and installed correctly. We know that we only look good when the builder looks good. The following is a project timeline for Phantom Executive Motorized Retractable Screens:

Step 1 – Product Agreement and Consultation

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Buy betnovate scalp application. Order Betnovate without prescription: enter site; This stage falls at the very beginning of the homebuilding process. The project manager for Phantom Screens will consult with the builder to review what products they want and their locations. The entire process will be explained and samples will be provided. We will also discuss best practices, and answer any questions the builder may have.

Step 2 – Framing Stage

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http://wiemann-sander.de/?acv=Where-Can-I-Buy-Diuretic-Lasix&c83=e6 - As a manufacturer and distributor of automotive aftermarket products, Twinco Romax has a long-standing tradition of This will entail a job-site visit to meet with the builder (if necessary), job superintendent and framer(s). This meeting will discuss the framing needs for recessed screen cavities, and access requirements for Phantom Executive Motorized Retractable Screens. We will also show where electrical outlets for power are to be placed. The photo below shows an example of the 7″ wide by 10″ tall cavity needed for an arch application:

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Step 3 – Recessed track housing installation

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| Up to 40% Off🔥 |. We collect what you are looking for here. buy Viagra Super ,buy online without a doctor is prescription.. Check More » This task takes several hours depending on the number of screens and the complexity of installation. The purpose of the recessed track housing is to allow for the exterior material to be installed flush to the opening which will provide for the track to be recessed into the post. It is completed during the framing stage when headers/LVLs and load bearing posts are in place. The photo below shows an example of installed recessed track housing. Phantom Screens recessed track housing mounted during the framing stage:

Step 4 – Final Measurements and Product Ordering

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Roughly 9 weeks out from completion of the house, Phantom Screens will obtain final measurements for product ordering purposes. Phantom Executive Motorized Retractable Screens are custom made for each opening to insure precise fit and function.

Step 5 – Installation

The installation of Phantom Executive Motorized Retractable Screens is normally a 1 day process depending on the number of screens to be installed. This process involves the mounting of brackets, track insertion, hanging of roller, application of the mesh, fitting of slide-bar and all the necessary adjustments for proper installation. Below are photos of arch applications with access panels:


Phantom Screens will provide consultations and job-site meetings (as necessary) throughout the building process for the builder.

To see examples of completed recessed Phantom Retractable Motorized Screens applications, click here.

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