Solar Screens

How Do Solar Screens Work?

Solar Screens Dallas TXIt’s no secret that the Dallas area gets hot. And when it comes to your patio, you’re often left with no solution. Enter: solar screens. They’re the best option to keep direct sun rays out while allowing natural, diffused light in. With solar screens, you can comfortably enjoy your outdoor space more throughout the year.

The Science

Here’s why solar screens work: their functionality is actually backed by science. Solar screens block three different types of radiation.

1. Infrared Radiation

The first is infrared radiation, which equals heat. Solar screens actually prevent infrared radiation from entering your patio space, which means you’ll stay cooler.

2. Ultraviolet (UV) Rays

The second is ultraviolet (UV) rays. Sure, you probably put sunscreen on when you leave the house, but did you know UV radiation makes its way into your patio, too? The hot Dallas sun doesn’t discriminate where it throws its UV rays, so you need to protect against them.

3. Visible Spectrum Rays

The third is visible spectrum rays, which we experience as light. Solar screens can help cut down the sun’s glare, which reduces eye strain when you want to curl up with a good book. Don’t shut yourself in and rely on artificial light when the sun’s shining outdoors!

Selecting Your Solar Shade

Now that you know the science behind solar shades, you should also consider how your solar shade’s shade works for you! Darker solar screens will reduce more glare than lighter screens, but lighter screens will allow more natural light to shine through.

At Next Century Screens, we’re happy to talk with you about how solar screens can enhance your Dallas home. Get in touch with any questions and for your free estimate!

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