Retractable Awnings

How Are Retractable Awnings Better than Regular Awnings?

How Are Retractable Awnings Better than Regular Awnings?Homeowners who are considering adding an awning to their outdoor living space are often faced with the choice of whether or not to purchase a retractable awning. When comparing the two, the choice really comes down to lifestyle, versatility, and budget. A standard awning sits in a fixed position and provides all the benefits you would expect, which include:

  • A cool, shaded area that’s perfect for those hot days
  • Protection for your outdoor furniture from the elements
  • Curb appeal and even a potential increase in the value of your home

Retractable awnings carry all of the same benefits along with the versatility of being able to move them into a retracted state. Sometimes, you may want to enjoy a little bit of sunbathing from your lounge chair. Or, perhaps a cool breeze is blowing and you want to feel the natural warmth of the sun. Whatever the case may be, a retractable awning gives you the versatility to decide how you will enjoy your outdoor living area. Due to their increased functionality and mechanical construction, they carry a slightly higher price tag. But if it’s versatility you want for your patio, there is really no better choice.

Whether you decide to have a standard or retractable awning installed, you should hire Next Century Screens for the job. We have been helping North Texas residents improve their homes for over two decades, providing friendly service and expert installation along the way. We would like to put our expertise to good use for you and install the perfect outdoor living addition for your lifestyle.

To learn more our awning options, contact Next Century Screens today. We would be happy to visit your home for a free consultation and help you make the right decision.

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