Retractable Screens

Can Retractable Screens Help Provide Privacy?

Retractable Screens Dallas TXThere’s nothing like hanging out on the patio on a glorious spring day in the Dallas area. The fresh air and scent of your rose garden permeate the air. As you breathe in the day, you look around you and remember: you’re surrounded by neighbors.

The dilemma? You want privacy, but you don’t want to sacrifice fresh air.

Enter: retractable screens. They can help provide the privacy you’re looking for. Retractable screen privacy levels vary according to a few different factors, though. That’s why choosing custom-made screens is the only way to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

We can create retractable screens so seamless with your existing porch, they’re often called phantom screens. Whereas closing in your porch can change the entire look of your home, retractable screens give you the power to change your outdoor area at will.

Mesh Density Makes a Difference

When choosing your retractable patio screens, make sure to consider the density of the mesh. There are mesh options for shade, bug protection, and privacy, and each mesh weave is a little different.

Privacy mesh is the densest, which makes it difficult to see through during the day. It’ll also protect against the sun (and let’s face it: Dallas gets hot!).

Despite its density, privacy mesh still allows a fresh breeze through. The result? Breezy Sunday mornings on the porch without worrying about your neighbor’s prying eyes.

The Best of Both Worlds

Retractable screens give you the best of both worlds: added privacy without sacrificing fresh air. At Next Century Screens, we specialize in motorized retractable screens, and we’d love to help you make the most of sunny Sundays – and every day – at your Dallas-area home. Give us a call for a free price estimate today!

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